Monday, March 29, 2010

Pillowcase Dresses

Pillowcase dresses are some of the cutest and versatile garments for little girls! They make adorable dresses for all seasons...simply put a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath for cooler weather...and when it gets too short, simply use it as a top with a little pair of jeans or pants underneath! Our pillowcase dresses have 1 1/2 inch ribbon, except for the tiny dresses which have 1 inch ribbon, and the inside seams have been serged for a more completed look. Without the monograms the pillowcase dresses sell for $15.00, and with the monogram the price will be $18.00. E-mail your order for these perfect little spring dresses today!! If you have a certain type of fabric in mind, let us know and we'll see what we can find, and we can make just about any solid color!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Items!!!

Easter is just right around the corner, and what could be sweeter than a personalized fabric basket for your little one to collect all of his/her eggs in?!?! Below is one example of a basket we've made and personalized, as well as a few fabric choices we have available. We can also do any color of solid, and I personally think gingham would be really cute as well. There is still time to place your order and have your basket ahead of email us today with your fabric choices. The seasonal fabrics will be used on a first order basis.

We have more of this fabric as well.
An inside view of the basket...very roomy for all the goodies! :) The basket is lined with a coordinating fabric.

Here are some fabric samples. The stripes would make really nice linings for any of these fabrics.
Up close of the pink... Up close of the green...

The striped...

Another fabric sample...
There is one more fabric that I failed to add, but I will try to add it tomorrow!

I also have some really cute Easter korker ribbon! I have not made up any bows with it yet, so if you see some ribbon you like, let me know and I will customize the bow for you. I have several different Easter prints, and then last I have the solids to match. The print ribbon is limited, so place your order quick!! The bows can be made very quickly and will be ready for your pick-up!

Easter eggs
More Easter eggs
Some Bunny Loves You

Happy Easter
Polka Dots (can be used for non-Easter bows.)
Daisies (can also be used for non-Easter)
Coordinating solids
Let us know if you see something you like!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Hair Bows!

Here's a look at some new hair bows I've been making! They are made using all sizes of ribbon and can be on either a lined alligator clip or spring barrette. Please specify when ordering, otherwise, I will use my own preference. All the ribbons are heat-sealed to prevent fraying.

This is the next to smallest size bow that I make in this style. It is made using a 5/8 inch ribbon. I think it is the perfect size for a small baby. I can also use a 3/8 inch ribbon, and it will be even smaller...perfect for a newborn. This size bow as pictured is $1.00.

I'm trying to do a size comparison with a thimble :) The green bow pictured, is a little bigger than the one above, and still looks super-cute in a babies hair. This bow is used making a 7/8 inch ribbon, and it sells for $2.00.

Remember, I am a mom of boys, so I have no model readily available to show a size comparison and I have used a baby doll as a stand-in :) This is the same green bow as above.

This is the next size is made with a 1.5 inch ribbon. They sell for $3.00.

This is the same size bow as above, but the ribbon has been monogrammed. Monogramming will be .50 extra, making the price of this bow $3.50.I love this cute little lady bug print! This bow is $2.00.
Here's a few more...the pink with hot pink polka dots is actually a bigger bow, and it is $4.00. It is hard to tell the actual sizes in the picture. The other three with polka dots are the $3.00 size. The stripe is $2.00.

And a few more...the lavender and the red are the big bows that are $4.00. The green, zebra and pink camo are $3.00. The lady bug and the pink, black and white stripe are $2.00.And just for fun, I thought I'd add a couple of spring-colored korker bows. These are $3.50 with the monogram embellishment.

I will try to post a picture of SOME of the available ribbons I have soon...there are SO many to choose from!! Something to keep in mind...if you want your ribbon monogrammed, the lettering will show up better on a solid ribbon, but we will monogram the ribbon of your choosing. We have not tried any ribbon smaller than the 1.5 inch with the monogramming yet, so I'm not sure how the smaller ribbon will work, but we will be experimenting and I'll post the results here when we do!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Diaper Bags

Here are some pictures of a few of our newest creations! I LOVE these handmade diaper bags and the monogramming just adds the perfect touch!! Why in the world couldn't we have been doing this when my babies were little???
This style of diaper bag will sell for $25.00, and that includes the monogramming! The ones you see on here, I have given as shower gifts and the new mommies loved them! If you have a color scheme in mind, let us know and we will see what we can come up with for you. The bag is also quilted for extra stability.
Here is an inside shot of the lined diaper the inside pockets for those small items you want to keep handy. Also, there are two bottle pockets on the outside ends of the bag, and the bag itself has a zipper closure.
If you would like, we are also offering a four piece set. The four pieces include the diaper bag, plus a matching bib, burp cloth, and changing pad, and each piece may be monogrammed with your choice of lettering. All four pieces sell for $35.00. (The accessory pieces are terry cloth on one side and have a matching fabric for the diaper bag on the opposite side.)
Just thought I would throw these in here as well...for the rest of the gift for this baby, we made a tiny pillowcase dress....
...and tag blankie. The side of the tag blankie that is shown is a very soft chenille which has been monogrammed. The opposite side is the same matching stripe print, and the ribbons are satin. Makes a perfect little "lovie" for a baby!

Here is another bag we made.
An inside view...
Here is the four piece set.
The changing pad. We folded over one end to show both sides.
The matching bib.
And the burp cloth.