Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Items

Here are some of the baby items that we have been making so far...

This is a matching bib and burp cloth set. I am absolutely in love with the frog print!
The set is $8.00. Here is just the burp cloth.
It is $5.00.
Another matching set. The bib is a purchased terry-cloth one that has had an applique applied and the child's name embroidered. The burp cloth has the child's three letter monogram on it. It will make such a sweet gift!
$8.00 for the set or $4.00 for the bib and $5.00 for just the burp cloth.

Here's Cooper's adorable burp cloth! I love the big initial with the name going through it! These colors are so bright and vibrant :)
$5.00 for this style of burp cloth.
Here's a purchased infant cap with the name embroidered on it. Embroidered terry cloth bib. $4.00
Purchased cotton bib that has been embroidered. $3.00
Purchased cotton bib with embroidery. $3.00

Key Chains

Here are some ribbon key chains we have made so far. We can make these from a wide range of ribbon choices, and they can be embroidered with an initial with the printing vertical or we can put a three letter monogram or name on the ribbon horizontally. They are finished off with a small coordinating ribbon at the top and the hardware includes the metal D ring and split key chain. All of our ribbon key chains are $4.00.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Korker Hairbows

I love making these korker-style hairbows! All the ribbon ends have been heat-sealed to prevent fraying and they can either be put on a ribbon-lined alligator clip or on a spring barrette. The fun thing with korkers is that they can be made with many different colors of ribbon or with one color only...the options are endless!! All the bows pictured are medium-sized and have an embellishment in the center. Medium korkers with a center embellishment are $3.50. Without the center embellishment, they are $3.00. I will be happy to take orders for custom korkers...just comment here or e-mail me with the colors you would like, and let me know if you would like a monogrammed covered button, what letter you would like and in what colors. I will try to make them in as timely a manner as possible. Note: Any holiday ribbons may be subject to availability.

This korker has a covered button center that has been embroidered with an initial.

Another example of a covered button center. (This bow has already been purchased, but I wanted to post it as an example.) VALENTINE BOW

This bow is made with a heart button center and the lighter pink ribbon says I ♥ You. VALENTINE BOW

This bow has a heart button center and the red ribbon is printed with white hearts.VALENTINE BOW

This bow has a heart button center and the white ribbon says Be Mine.

This bow is made with dark pink, light pink and white solid ribbons with a red heart button in the center. (This bow has also been purchased, but can serve as an example.)


This bow has a red button center and the white ribbon is printed with red and pink hearts.This is another example of a covered button embellishment for the center.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Welcome to Creekside Creations!! This is our very first post and we are just getting started with our "creative designs". We have lots of ideas in the works and will post them here as they are completed. As for now, I will be happy to deliver any items LOCALLY, or would be more than happy to meet you somewhere within the county. Hopefully, in the spring, we will begin selling our items from my brother's place of business in Chalybeate...Creekside Garden and Nursery. Please note that we are JUST NOW getting started and will be ironing out the kinks in the system so to speak. Please feel free to become a follower of this blog, or to bookmark this page as a favorite!! :) Check back often as I plan to frequently update with new items. For any orders or questions, you can leave a comment here, or please feel free to e-mail us at I am very excited about beginning this venture, and look forward to making some very cute items! I will hopefully be posting some new items this evening. Thank you for dropping in, and come back often!