Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Shirt

A couple of weeks ago a little buddy of ours celebrated his third birthday with a Handy Manny party. We came up with this shirt as part of his gift from us and gave it to him early to wear to his party. He was adorable!

Close up view...

Be sure that you check out the rest of the posts I have made. Instead of adding lots of different type items to one post, I am separating them so that if someone is looking for one particular type of item, they can click on the label to the side of the blog and look at those particular items instead of it pulling up other things in the posts as well.

Hand Towels

These towels have been purchased and then we put the initial and frame on them. This would make an excellent wedding gift for a new couple. They also make great birthday gifts as well!

This is a white hand towel with chocolate colored lettering.

This towel and washcloth set are off-white with a burgundy design.

Big Sister/Little Sister Set

Here's a "little sister, big sister" shirt and onesie set.

The onesie is a regular white Gerber onesie that has been embroidered with hot pink lettering to match the big sister shirt.
This hot pink big sister shirt has been embroidered with white lettering. This duo will make a cute pair for a picture!
Closer view...

Bibs and Burp Cloths

Here are the newest bib and burp cloths we've come up with...

How cute is this! The bib has been embroidered with the design and the baby's first and middle names. The burp cloth has the three initial monogram.

This cloth is has the baby's first initial with an embroidered frame around it.
Who doesn't love chocolate brown and pink for a little girl???