Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ruffled Overalls for Christmas

I'm trying to play "catch-up" on posting pictures, so be sure to check out the other new posts below this one! For even more pictures, click on the facebook badge to the left, and you can view all of our photos there. (You do not have to have a facebook account to do so.)***ALSO...if you are thinking of placing an order, be sure and do so soon! I will be setting a deadline for orders in the very near future so that we can ensure all orders can be completed in a timely manner, and so that we will have time to enjoy the upcoming holidays with our family.
I LOVE this little red corduroy ruffled over-alls with the Christmas ornament monogram applique! I would love to see this layered with a black turtleneck and topped off with a red/black/white korker bow! :)

Closer view of the applique design.

Reversible Long Jon-Jons

Brown/white gingham on one side with a jack-o-lantern for Halloween... and solid brown with a turkey for Thanksgiving!
Black/white gingham with a sweet little minky puppy...
and solid black with a gingham "E" applique on the reverse.


Here are a few examples of our latest customized/personalized shirts.
This pumpkin trio design has definitely been our top seller!
This is one of my favorite things we've made so far!
Superman emblem and any initial can be added to the middle.

A Tinker Bell Birthday shirt
A closeer view of the actual applique Pumpkin Dump Truck
The pumpkin trio shirt with the name underneath
A taller pumpkin that fits better on adult shirts.
A first birthday shirt...
Sweet little spider shirt!
Pumpkin trio on a black shirt...we used gingham for little boys...
And polka dots for the little girls.
A shirt with one pumpkin.

Minnie shirts for a trip to Disney!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas/Winter Designs

It's not too early to start placing your Christmas orders, so I've included some of the designs that we have available. These can be placed on shirts/onesies, dresses, jonjons, bibs and burpcloths. Now the hard part is deciding which designs to use!! (**If you are interested in placing an order for a Thanksgiving shirt/onesie, bib or burpcloth, make sure to check out the previous post and get your order in soon! :) Another thing to consider...the fabric used in these designs can be be changed from what you see in the photos, and in some cases the fabric pictured cannot be used. Thanks!

Whimsical Ornament Whimsical Christmas Tree
Snowman Patch
Snowman stitched on a white shirt/onesie, bib or burpcloth
Santa patch
Santa Hat
Santa Hat Alphabet...can be made with any letter.
Santa Face
Rudolph #1...will be made without the bow unless ordered by the customer.
Rudolph #2
Full-body Rudolph
Mug of wintry goodness!
Ornament trio...perfect for a three initial monogram.
Ornament Alphabet...can be made with any letter.
Ornament applique
JOY applique
HO HO HO Gingerbread Girl
Gingerbread Boy
Christmas Gift
Christmas Tree
Christmas Gift Trio...another one perfect for three initial monograms.
Christmas Dump Truck
Baby Rudolph :)

Fall/Thanksgiving Appliques

I have included a few more Fall/Thanksgiving designs that we are able to use. At this time, we are only able to do Thanksgiving designs on shirts/onesies, bibs or burpcloths...we have too many orders to be able to make dresses or jon-jons in time for Thanksgiving. These are only our newest fall designs...for a full viewing of designs, click on our facebook badge to the left of the page and then choose the photos tab. Then you can view the "Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving" album for other designs. Please keep in mind...if you want a Thanksgiving themed item, get your order in quick as time is running out for these! THANKS!! **Shirts can be appliqued for $7.00 if you supply the shirt...if we supply the shirt, it is the cost of the shirt plus the $7.00. Burpcloths will be $7.00 and bibs will be $6.00. This price will include a name as well, if you would like! :)

I love this colorful little turkey!

Whimsical Pumpkin Applique...made without bow unless requested by customer.

Another little turkey whose colors can be altered and the bow left off for a little boy!

Love this turkey alphabet!!! We can make all letters of the alphabet! (I'm pretty sure this is the shirt my boys will be wearing!)

Wheelbarrow with pumpkin

Wagon with pumpkin

Pumpkin Heart

Double Pumpkin Alphabet...can be done with all letters.

Pilgrim Hat Alphabet...can be

"My 1st Turkey Day"...would be cute on a onesie or bib!
Fall Leaf Alphabet...can be made with any letter.


Fall Patch...can add an initial or monogram inside.

Caramel Apple...bow will be added by request.

Acorn alphabet...can be made with all letters and bow will only be added at customer's request.